Observing our Environment

In our club today the children chose to do tree bark rubbing. Sometimes getting the right angle was tricky.


Others chose to make a list of the birds and wildlife they spotted! Bill Oddies in the making!

Only two sessions left ….what will they choose next?


Apples and Autumn

A new school year has begun, and the garden is looking beautiful. The new veg patch is showing signs of growth and Jenny Prout is working hard tending all the plants that have been moved.

The pumpkins have survived and the cherry tomatoes are still producing fruit.


There are some sneaky potatoes trying to grow as well!

The Remembrance poppies have survived for over three years , and also being transplanted!


The crab apples are ripening and will most likely be made into crab apple jelly by Mrs. Dark.

Meanwhile the apples are being harvested and washed ready for pressing in Reception Class over the next week or two.


The children’s Harvest Festival will be held at St. Michael’s Church at the end of this half term, and you can see there is much to celebrate!

Fly (or ladybird) on the wall at St Michael’s new restaurant!

Ever seen a ladybird nymph? Apple Class has them in abundance just outside and, according the Ladybird survey, a few weeks early this year too!




The children decided they wanted to create a natural picnic using only things that were on the ground or had fallen since the recent winds. This quickly became a full blown restaurant in the Secret Garden; chefs, waitresses and waiters hurried around to provide a sumptuous meal for Mrs Twiggs and Miss Mogridge!

Here are some of the courses;

…and to follow a selection of chocolate and caramel delights!

And to finish: coffee, chocolates, and an aperitif.

Then, all too soon, the bill came and the event was over!

There was a lot of tidying to do! A messy job!

Thank you to the staff at this fantastic new restaurant for such a wonderful meal!

Movement and new beginnings


For some people, a rainbow is a sign of a new beginning.

For St Michael’s Veg Plot-that is certainly the case!

Due to an extension and toilets being built on the Green Room, the Veg Plot has to be moved elsewhere. You may have noticed some work going on by the pond, as raised beds are being built to house Mrs. Prout’s plants and vegetables. Moving is usually a time of chaos but Mrs. Prout even manages to make that a beautiful affair!


She has carefully re-potted each and everything ready to be planted in their new homes.

We are very lucky to have a hardworking and green fingered gardener, and we know that the harvest in September will be as abundant as ever in her green-fingered hands!

Thank you Mrs. Prout!

One last thing….

After learning how to use fire steels last week-the children made the next step into learning the usefulness of fire.

They began by taking fresh, uncooked bread-dough and making it into a sausage shape. Then they wound the sausage around the end of a hazel rod. The end of the rod had been stripped of bark to make it safe for cooking food.

Then they held the rods over the charcoal fire (a bit like a BBQ) to cook the bread.



The children all agreed that the bread tasted delicious!

Have a wonderful summer children and enjoy the wonderful world we live in!

‘Steeling’ (not stealing) the fire at Forest Craft Club.



The Forest Craft Club children found a new sign outside the Secret Garden;

“Every child is a different flower and all together make the world a beautiful garden.”

They agreed it was a great idea! Thank you Jenny!



This week the children were using Swedish Fire Steels to try to make ‘safe’ fire.

They had a talk about safety around fire and their responsibility for looking after themselves and  the fire until it was safe,

and then it was time to have a go!

Someone showed a brilliant example of one of the School’s Christian Values: Perseverence! She did not give up and made it light, but after a lot of Hard work. Well done Paris!

Others found it a little easier, but it did take a while to get it right. Peter and Oscar both stuck at the job


…and in the end – success!!!

When the club was nearly ended, everyone checked that all of the flames were properly extinguished and the debris was taken away.