Dear Greenpeace – Year 2 Guided Reading

This week in guided reading, Year 2 have been reading the book ‘Dear Greenpeace’ by Simon James. We have discussed what Greenpeace means and how they are a group of people who help to protect our world. We have answered lots of questions about the book and discussed how we can help care for our world too. The story is all about a girl called Emily who writes letters to Greenpeace because she wants to look after a whale who she thinks lives in her pond!



Today we have been learning all about the plants in our world and how important they are. We learned what the different parts of a plant are called and what their functions are. We will continue to learn how to look after plants and keep them healthy over the next few weeks. We will also be learning to name different types of trees and flowers and find out ways to identify them.

Summer is coming!

Summer is finally on it’s way and we want to provide plavces for bees and butterflies to pollinate. Mrs Twiggs brought in some special ‘bee and butterfly friendly seeds’ which the Eco Council planted and watered. We are excited to watch the seeds grow and hopefully see the wildlife it will attract.

Year 2: Explorer Dome Fun!

Today in Year 2 we had a super fun and informative session in The Explorer Dome. The leaders taught us about different environments, different habitats and how we can help to protect our beautiful planet. We discussed landfill and the importance of recycling mindfully too! It was a great opportunity to discuss how we can care for our world in lots of different ways.

Being kind to our community.

Instead of giving something up for Lent, children at St Michael’s are focusing on being extra kind to each other. In classes, children have talked about how they can be kind to others, to themselves and to their community (world around us). The Eco Council are always thinking about ways to care for the environment, but with the new initiative, other children have been coming up with ideas – like Joe and Chloe doing extra litter picks during their breaktimes. Eco Council are also doing litter picks and are hoping to do one out of school very soon.

Eco issues impact us all!

It is not just the Eco Council who care about the world. In St Michael’s, all chlidren are encouraged to think the issues facing the world. These Year 4 children were learning about plastic pollution and were so moved by what they read, they decided to act. WIth help from the Year 4 Eco Councillors, they created posters which will be displayed around school. They were all invited to an Eco Meeting to share the amazing posters they had made. Well done Year 4.

Year 2: Some Special Visitors!

This week, Year 2 and the rest of KS1/Reception had a visit from two police officers! This gave us a chance to ask the officers any questions we had, which was very helpful. They told us about their uniform, equipment and their role in the community and how they help to keep us safe. Lots of the children would like to be police officers when they are older!


We were lucky enough to get some snow overnight so this morning we went out to explore. We watched a video on discovery education to learn how snow is formed and when it happens. The children looked through magnifying glasses to examine how the snow looks, they listened to the noises it made under their feet, they felt it with their fingers to explore how it felt. When we returned to class we made a list of words to describe the snow and talked about the season.

We are learning to appreciate the world around us and exploring its beauty.