New Year’s Dip.

In this term’s Forest Craft Club, we are keen to be able to use the pond area, next to the Secret Garden.

It has become very overgrown with pond weed, grasses and small willows, as well as filled with the autumn leaf fall.

Miss Mogridge and Mrs. Twiggs put on warm clothes and wader boots, rolled up their sleeves and tackled the (rather stinky) problem.

All of the rotting plants were carefully removed and left on the banks of the pond so that any aquatic animals were able to wriggle backĀ  in to the water.

Then the duck weed was scooped out with a large net.

You can see the difference in these ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures;

image1 (3)

Many things were in the pond even a great spade. We call it ‘Excalibur!’ Miss Mogridge and Mrs Twiggs would love it if you could come and tell them why this name was chosen.

thumbnail_dsc_1122 (1)

Finally, after four hours work, there was a well deserved bowl of soup!


Forest Craft Club begins next week, so we look forward to using the pond area as well, this year!


In the (not so) bleak Mid Winter…

Winter has arrived and the effects of the colder weather are visable throughout our beautiful school grounds.

Lots of trees have lost their leaves for the winter and Mrs Prout has been very busy planting some colourful bulbs and decorating some of the trees with Christmas decorations.8b2fc835-e6c8-469b-bf8c-f0afe0a8bd27-e1544451629352.jpeg

The Orchard’s resident crows are on the look out for lovely rotting apples and any scraps left by the children during their breaks. These treats, added to their normal diet of insects and molluscs help the birds to have enough energy to survive the colder weather to come.

BE7FE3CE-A5DF-4D78-9144-F2EA0913F066The pond life will have retreated to the mud at the bottom, or crawled out onto the banks to hibernate in the damp rotting leaves around the edge. To make sure that these mini-beasts rest undisturbed, we leave the edge of the pond alone, and will do all the tidying up jobs after the colder weather has passed.


Meanwhile the days are getting shorter, and the nights longer. To brighten the drab days we decorate, inside our school, and out!

If you are missing the sun, step out of a clear winter’s night and think;

“What a beautiful winter sky!”

and remember that after the 21st of December the days are getting longer and the Summer is on her way!


Last Day in the Sun

The last Forest Craft school session was spent making homes for the Stick People the childrenĀ  had made last week.

Here are the pictures taken by the children who made them. Then a celebration of strawberries was held and the winner was crowned. Well done everyone and have a great summer!


Showering, Shoving and Showing

Today’s Forest Craft Club began with giving the plants and vegetables a well needed shower of water.

Then came the ‘shoving‘ part! Dirt and dust had collected under the tables by the Secret Garden, so some children got on with shoving the dirt away.


Now the ‘showing‘ part!

Alicia and Kodie showed us their ‘Fairy Fantasy Hotel (with pool)’.


Olly and Darcy created a ‘Kangaroo Buffet’, here they are with the ‘milk’ course.


Meanwhile, Catelyn had been busy with her camp site idea which she called ‘Roasting Marshmallows’. Finley had gone literal with his ‘Flower P’, whilst Albert had created a piece called ‘Lion’s Den.’

Such a busy session that they barely had time to show each other what they had done. Thank goodness for a Blog!

Bugs in the Sun

Summer is well and truly on its way and Forest Craft Club are out and about in the sunshine!



Armed with ‘pooters’, specimen tubs and magnifying glasses, they set about locating potential individuals to observe at closer quarters.

Discarded birds’ eggs were found and the parents observed from a respectful distance.


Of course, all good scientists record their findings.

To finish off the session they all decided that they would hold an animal style race. This is where they race in the style of their chosen animal. Some might have chosen cheetahs, whilst others prefer snails and tortoises! All good fun though!




Here is a wonderful poem written by Jack in Year Six;

Under the seas and everywhere,

Nature is there and we need to care,

Animals, plants and trees,

Especially the little bees,

Dirt, soil, mud and leaves,

Lay under , around and on the trees,

Fish, birds and lots of sheep,

Roam around for us to keep,

Farm animals like pink pigs,

And little doggies who like to dig,

In the desert life is there,

But no big grizzly bear,

Under the seas and everywhere,

Nature is there and we need to care.