Shelter building!

Building a shelter out of rope and tarpaulin is no easy feat, but the challenge was no match for our determined forest craft club! The children first had to untangle the huge rope, this took a while and team work was needed to work out the problem. Then, the children needed to decide where to build the shelter.

They worked together and built two brilliant shelters, they even made a pretend campfire in one of them and sang some campfire songs. It was really good fun and I think we can safely say that in a survival situation, our forest craft club would know what to do! Well done.



Scavenger hunt and a rock band!

Forest craft club had a brilliant time collecting lots of different things on our scavenger hunt. They had to find something red, something round and lots more! Luckily, our forest craft club adventurers were up for the challenge.

After we had found all the things the children decided to start a nature-inspired rock band in the garden. Maybe they should be called The Beatles 😊…


First outdoor learning session for year 3!

It was Willow’s turn to have their first outdoor session with Miss Mogridge. They did an exploration walk of the school grounds and looked at the different plants and animals in the area. Then some children decided to build nests with some found materials and others decided to build dens. Other children enjoyed collecting different natural things like hazelnuts, catkins and even some snails! They all had a lot of fun and can’t wait for next time.


All fired up with enthusiasm!

At the beginning of the session today, the children had a conversation about being safe around fire. Then the Club went outside to give everyone a chance to try working with Swedish Fire Steels.

It wasn’t easy and some children spent twenty minutes trying for success.

They all agreed that it took a lot of Perseverance to create sparks that worked!

The children were all proud of their achievements!!! Well done for using one of our Christian Values to such successful ends!