The year one children have been learning all about materials in our science lessons and we found a great Bug Club book to help us identify different materials and their uses. The last page of the book talked about recycling which led to a great discussion about how we can reuse and recycle in our school. 


Making chocolate cornflake cupcakes 🍫

This week we are thinking about writing instructions. With this in mind, our first activity this morning was to make chocolate cornflake cakes!

We listened to all the instructions and followed them carefully to make our delicious cakes. We decided we would make one each but it could be for any of our friends, so that when we ate our cake we knew it had been made with love and kindness from our friends.

First we melted the butter and chocolate.

Next we added Golden Syrup and mixed all the ingredients thoroughly.

After that we poured in the cornflakes, mixing and stirring to make sure all the cornflakes were covered in the chocolate mixture.

Then we used a spoon to scoop in the cornflake mixture and carefully put sprinkles all over them.

The next step was to leave them to set, which was quite hard as we wanted to eat them!

Finally we all sat together and enjoyed our delicious treats.